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“My tree has survived for decades. Do I really need a Tree Health Membership now?”

That’s a great question, but here’s a better one: your tree has survived, but has it thrived?

As trees age, they become much less resilient to heat, cold, storm damage pests, and fungus. That means they’re at risk of disease, decay, and dropping branches on your property. 

A Tree Health Membership is a great way to improve the health of your trees and the overall beauty of your treescape, no matter how old your trees are. Mature trees will become more resilient, and new plantings will recover from transplantation quicker and flourish sooner. 

What’s Included In A Tree Health Membership?

  • Monthly site visit with inspection

  • Custom treatments for each tree

    • Insecticide

    • Fertilizer

    • Soil analysis

    • Trunk injections

    • Minor storm damage clean up

  • Branch trimming and pruning

  • Mulching

Why You’ll LOVE Your Membership

  • Have beautiful, healthy trees without the stress and effort of maintaining them yourself

  • Increase your treescape’s resistance to weather, disease, and pests

  • Have colorful trees and denser canopy that creates more shade

  • Reduce the chances of branches falling on your property

  • Improve your quality of life by creating a lush yard to spend time in

  • Have a predictable monthly cost for trimming, treatments, or other services

  • Improve the curb appeal of your property

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Common Questions About Our Tree Health Membership

What happens if my tree is damaged in a storm?

Trimming and pruning limbs up to 4 inches in diameter are included with your membership. Anything larger would be an additional project cost, but we are of course happy to help you manage any post-storm damage. 

What seasonal care and maintenance do you provide?

We create full-service, worry-free, year-round tree care plans specific to your property. Since every property is different, there’s not a one-size-fits-all plan, but we often do the following:

WINTER – It’s the season to protect from winter burn, sun scald, and pest hibernation. We do selective pruning to remove dead, diseased, and damaged limbs and inspect to discover issues that may have been hidden by the tree’s foliage over the spring.

SPRING – It’s planting and growing season! Aside from a proper watering regimen and mulching, we focus on curtailing pests, diseases, and fungal growth. There’s a lot to manage including detailed trimming, soil conditioning, deep root feeding, and more.

SUMMER – The season is here to enjoy the benefits your trees provide. We provide care to help your trees endure heat, drought, disease, and more. 

FALL – It’s time for plantings and season-ending preparation including feeding, mulching, soil treatments, pest deterrents, disease prevention, and more. 

Do you haul away debris and trimmings from the job?

Yes! Every job includes a complete property cleanup of all debris, wood chips, twigs, branches, etc., generated by the work we do. If you have any extra brush piles, wood stacks or other debris to be removed, we may be able to haul it away for an extra fee. Please bring this to our attention during the quoting process for the best pricing.

Do you work on trees entangled in overhead utility lines?

No, we do not work on trees entangled in utility lines or within 10’ of utility lines.

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